Client Perspectives

I remember it like it was yesterday. As an executive with a large company, my leadership team and I had recommended the company’s Human Resources Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to our staff members who needed extra help and intervention assistance with an assortment of life issues. Sometimes between work, family, individual, and spousal roles the stresses and strains of life at times took its toll and EAP offered one on one counseling services to help the employee learn some new tools and have professional help getting strong again.

And then came the day that I contracted an illness on a work trip. Weeks later, I had recovered (or so I thought), resumed my work and travel schedule. In a short while, I found myself having crying jags, my body often shook, and I felt sick in a way I had not experienced before.

I remember closing my office door, and looking up my company’s EAP program for myself. For myself! I perused the information provided on counselors, and made a couple of phone calls. This was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I found a counselor, mentor, and confidant in Larcy Counseling Services, and to this day almost 4 years later I still seek bi-weekly services.
— AV

I came to meet Larcy five years ago after having a serious complication from a so-called routine surgery that left me in chronic neuropathic pain. I was unable to function physically or emotionally.

Larcy helped me to deal with this horrific situation, providing me with the tools and a sense of hope that helped me move forward when I did not know what to do or where to turn. I had completely shut down and was not functioning at any level.

After a year, thanks to God and answered prayer, I recovered. The path was very difficult, but Larcy was there to help guide me and find joy in the suffering. The next challenge I faced was returning to a job and career I loved very much. Unfortunately, my employer of more than 25 years decided that, since I had been ill, I was not longer effective or valuable. I was treated horribly and unfairly. I endured this awful treatment until I could take it no more and had to leave what had been a distinguished and successful career. Larcy helped me to process and deal with the betrayal and discrimination I faced.

Larcy also helped me with my marriage and my children. My oldest son struggles with addiction and she was instrumental towards getting him into treatment and helping him along this very rocky journey that he is on. I am thankful for Larcy being an integral part in helping me rebuild my life after several difficult challenges and traumatic situations.

My experience with Larcy has been challenging and rewarding. After losing my mom to cancer, finishing graduate school, moving away from home and finding my first true love I was very lost and trying to start the next chapter of my life. Her ability to put things into perspective allowed me to grow and view things clearer than I ever have. Everything seemed difficult and I felt stuck, Larcy helped me to see the truth and helped me heal by grieving my mother’s death which allowed me to find myself again. I’ve started the next chapter and can’t thank Larcy enough!
— AL

Larcy has provided such an incredible environment for me to explore, better understand and heal from years of just the every day experiences life throws your way, as well as some deeper, more personal ones. I can without hesitation state that it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself.....ever! Her calm, attentive, focused personality as well as her spiritual connection as a minister has afforded me far, far more than the typical therapist ever could! Larcy listens! When was the last time someone REALLY listened to you? She provides healthy feedback, moderate challenges which ignites my brain to ponder different perspectives; she provides emotional tools that I can take with me in to the ‘real’ world, and last but not least........healing!
— DG